Nutracode® Is About Supplement Innovation Built On A Solid Foundation
VIDAspheresTM beadlets are the latest delivery system in nutraceuticals.
We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative concepts and delivery technologies.

  • We use liquid-filled capsules and our special VIDAspheres™ with Multi-Dosing™ Technology.
  • These special delivery systems make sure your finished product has a time-released characteristic.
    VIDAspheresTM beadlets are sold in bulk or utilized in liquid-filled or dry capsules (vegan/HPMC or hard gelatin).
    Benefits of VIDAspheresTM:

    • Greater bio-availability and absorption
    • Unique and marketable delivery system
    • Can be used in dry or liquid applications
    • Actual size of VIDAspheresTM is customizable
    • Improved appearance with wide coloration options
    • Incompatible bio-active ingredients can be delivered simultaneously
    • Immediate, extended or controlled release of the targeted ingredient
    • Use of herb extracts, vitamins, mineral and other nutra/pharmaceutical applications


    Popular VIDAspheresTM beadlets

    Curcumin Probiotics Caffeine
    Vitamin B Complex Ginger Iron
    Garlic Capsicum Neem
    Vitamin D3 Shilajit DHA
    Green Tea Folic Acid Green Coffee Bean
    Piperine Ashwagandha Spirulina
    Ginseng Multi-Vitamin Gingko Biloba
    Fenugreek Vitamin C Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM

    We do custom formulation. Click here to contact us.


    Beadlets inside capsule
    Beadlets in liquid filled capsules